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About Us

At ALBA, we engage in a taboo subject called Getting Rich and Financial Freedom. This essential ingredient of success has been neglected by most if not all schools and governments in the world. In this ALBA space we bring discussions like;

  • When should financial literacy begin in life?
  • Who should teach it?
  • How should it be taught?
  • And most importantly WHY should it be taught?

Financial life involves much more than just income, expenditure and savings. It is in my opinion and that of many mentors I have been lucky to work with, that LEARNING and applying matters about finances should be a deliberate part of life. It should be done intentionally, purposely, consciously and habitually. I dare to say, it should be done culturally and religiously more than many other aspects of life.

Money is important and as humorous speaker Les Brown always says, “Money is right up there with oxygen”.

  • Money can never buy Peace of Mind but with the experience I have in life, I have the audacity to say there is no Peace of Mind without money.
  • By the same token, our Health can never be bought using money, however, it (our health) is jeopardised by not paying conscious attention to money.
  • Our relationships are in a weak position whenever money issues arise. Many marital disputes are as a result of lack of finances.
  • Lifestyles of many hard working pensioners are always trimmed down as soon as many of them move up to retirement.
  • Many people fail to reach their goals partly because of money shortage or money habits.

Families ought to make the subject of money important. Schools and the government are duty-bound to give this subject the priority it deserves. It is therefore apparent that money is a crucial subject and we all should be involved in it as a matter of urgency.